Skin care, reduce melasma and freckles with nutrients from MSCC Complex.

Skin care, reduce melasma and freckles with nutrients from MSCC Complex.

 Is melasma really caused by sunlight?

 Many women often misunderstand that 'sunlight' is the main factor that damages the skin and causes melasma. In fact, clinical studies has shown that 'melasma' are not caused by sunlight or heat alone. Even when working indoor, there is a chance of developing melasma, as the real cause of melasma is from weaken and degenerated skin cells. When the skin is stimulated by various triggers, making the melanin-producing cells to function abnormally and therefore the pigments are concentrated in patches, resulting in melasma that are visible from the outer layer of the skin. This... is the real cause of melasma.

Factors that cause skin cells to deteriorate.
  Age or increasing age.
  Hormonal levels generally change in the body.
 Chemicals and pollutants from the external environment.

  Looking from the outside, 'freckles and melasma' won’t look much different. But if you look carefully, you will find that the 'freckles' look darker than normal skin tones and will darken when exposed to sunlight. It is a heredity skin condition. But for melasma, it is divided into 3 types:

        Epidermal melasma : dark brown in color with clear edges because it is located on the top layer of skin cells (superficial).
        Dermal melasma  :  bluish-purple or light gray, irregular unclear edge, located in the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis), harder to treat
        Mixed melasma:  : often displays combined histological features of both the epidermal and dermal subtype.

        Although they have different characteristics, but all the 3 types of melasma are solved in the same way, which is to always strengthen and maintain healthy the skin cells with the use of nutrients, vitamins and herbs especially developed for solving melasma which will enhance the cells throughout the body to function normally, naturally, especially, the melanin cells to distribute evenly as usual. Melasma that responds quickly to this treatment method include epidermis melasma. But for dermis melasma, it may take longer.

How to prevent melasma.
         Avoid strong sunlight and regularly use a sunscreen that has both UVA and UVB radiation protection.
         Get enough rest.
         Avoid stress and choose to eat a variety and complete nutrition.
         Avoid makeup with ingredients that damage your skin.
         Skin care for clear and smooth skin without freckles or melasma with the breakthrough proprietary formulation containing MSCC complex.

         Currently, there is a group of vitamins and herbal extracts that have evidence to solve problems for people with melasma by taking orally, combining the precious qualities of nature with modern technology results in a product that has 4 outstanding features: 

         Balancing melanin production from free radical elimination. Free radicals... are the main cause of skin cell deterioration and melanin-producing cells malfunction. Taking vitamins and extracts from various herbs can effectively eliminate free radicals, including French maritime pine bark extract, D. Salina extract, vitamin E, vitamin C. These substances will normalize the function of the pigment-producing cells for a normal and evenly pigment distribution. In addition, medical research has found that Lucent® (Rice ceramide extract) can reduce abnormal pigmentation, enhance radiant   and whiten skin, increase nourishment and removal of waste from the blood circulation.

         Clinical studies have shown that when taken orally, French maritime pine bark extract provides full nutrient and oxygen supply to all cells, facilitate a complete excretion of waste products from cells and strengthen the main structure of the skin.

           Clinical studies have shown that when taken orally, rice extract can strengthen the main structure of the skin and help retain moisture very well, help tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, add more moisture, soften and whiten skin naturally.

            Protects skin from UV rays. Clinical studies have shown that when taken orally, beta-carotene in D. Salina extract and lycopene in tomato extract help protect the skin from UV damage, making the skin more resistant to sunlight.

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