Lose weight safely with whey protein.

Lose weight safely with whey protein.


'Whey protein' a meal replacement for those who want to lose weight.

    Nowadays, many people lose weight with wrong methods such as fasting, buying diet pills to take with the hope of a shortcut or choose to use products that are not standardized, making them unsafe and negatively affecting their health, ultimately returning to the same weight. The use of diet pills has many side effects such as insomnia, restlessness, irregular heartbeats in some cases, irritability, and even death.
      Some people use fasting methods because they think that eating less will not accumulate fat, but that's the wrong way as well. Starving is not the right way as it deprives your body of enough energy each day, leading to feeling hungry and starving which in turn results in an increase appetite and more eating. In the beginning, some people may see good results but they will feel old, their face is wrinkled and not fresh as usual. That's because when we fast, our body is malnourished and extract more protein from the muscles to use as a replacement for self-repair. This can cause muscle atrophy, muscle will get smaller and in the long run, the body will adapt by reducing energy expenditure, decreasing metabolism and the accumulation of energy in the form of fat instead. 

     Effective weight loss is actually not difficult, just with the intention and the right way to lose weight. If you can, it can help you lose weight without gaining weight back like the yo-yo effect that many people are worried about.   



your goal for weight loss. Anyone can do it with these 5 methods.

1.  Increase body’s metabolism.     
     The best activity to increase metabolism for the body is exercise. It will help burn the accumulated fat and firm up your body shape. Just have the discipline to exercise at least 3-4 days a week and should be done continuously for about 30 minutes until you sweat, feel tired, and faster heart beat which is a suitable way for the body to start burning more energy accumulates in the body.

2.  Proper rest.        
     Our bodies need to rest for 6-8 hours a day. Lack of sleep or inadequate rest can cause hormonal and metabolic malfunctions, leading to obesity. And too much sleep can cause the metabolism to slow down or not fully function. The weight didn't drop either.

 3.  Relieve stress.
     Because when the body has accumulated a lot of stress, your body will need more energy, causing the stress hormone cortisol to make you hungrier and craving than usual, especially sweets. In addition, stress hormones also cause more fat cells to accumulate in the belly area. Chronic stress causes unwanted belly fat and easily get paunchy than usual. And in people who are losing weight, they may experience hypoglycemia due to reduced carbohydrate intake. Cortisol works by converting muscle proteins into glucose to keep sugar levels stable. The consequence is the loss of muscle and the firm body that we have been trying to build.     

4.  Good excretory system.     
      Some lose weight by dieting, leaving the body without food to squeeze or move. Some solved the problem by taking laxatives, resulting in long-term gastrointestinal problems. Some eat only protein foods or meat so much that they do not eat fruits and vegetables that are part of excretion process because fruits and vegetables contain probiotics that help in digestion as well and fiber that helps the digestive system to function normally.

5. Complete all 3 meals.  
     Losing weight by skipping certain meals or eating only salads at every meal won't help you slim down because when blood sugar is very low, the body will stimulate hunger and craving for sweets, makes you have to eat more in the next meal or eat more fussy snacks. Therefore, you should eat the complete 3 meals, but take into account the following food recommendations.       

  Reduce calories from meals.
      Another thing that anyone who wants to lose weight needs to understand is calorie control, as follows:       
      •  People who are getting fatter are people who are always taking in more calories than they use. Normally, our body should receive 2000 kilocalories of energy per day, but for those who want to lose weight will need to reduce calories from food by 500-600 kcal per day (compared to 1 meal). 
      •  Know how to consider nutrition labels and just because the label says 0% fat doesn't mean you're not fat, as it still has plenty of energy from other sources such as, starch and much more sugar. 
      •  After finishing a plate of rice, if you are still not full you should not eat more, but rather eat fruit to make you feel full instead. Choose hard and unsweetened fruits such as, apples, raw mangoes, rose apple, guavas which has less sugar and helps you feel full faster.     

  Calorie control and increase metabolism with meal replacement.  
      Another option that is convenient without dieting but still has the right nutrients and energy is to choose a meal replacement recipes specifically for weight loss. It is designed to be formulated for weight loss in the right way with no need to starve, long lasting effect, not gaining weight back again. It also help you slim healthily, not getting shabby because it provides complete nutrients and low calories.

1.  Whey protein.
    Whey protein is a protein extracted from cow's milk. It is superior to other proteins because it is a complete source of amino acids and is readily absorbed by the body. The whey protein has the following properties:
     -  Increases body's metabolic rate by stimulating the body to extract energy to use in more protein metabolism.
     -  Reduces appetite by regulating hormones related to hunger. 
     -  It is an important meal replacement for healthy weight loss without getting shabby.

2.  Probiotics 
    Probiotics include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. It is a good bacteria in the intestines, highly safe, and has many good health effects. Its main function is to help balance the intestines, improve the excretion, help to eliminate toxins in the intestines and also help to enhance the body’s immune system. It is absolutely necessary for those who lose weight who often have problems with excretion due to unhealthy eating habits, stress, little rest, or use of certain medications, etc.

3.  Lactium
     Lactium is a natural extract. It is extracted from the proteins in cow's milk. It has properties to help reduce anxiety. The study results showed that it can help in resisting and reducing stress in daily life. It has been used in people with sleep problems to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce depression and restore peace of mind which is a common problem in dieters.      

4.  Glutamine
     Glutamine is a type of amino acid that has many health benefits. For weight loss, glutamine can help reduce appetite through its association to the secretion of the hormone insulin to bring more sugar into the cells. As a result, the signal is sent to the brain, causing less appetite and less food intake.

5. Multivitamin & Minerals.
      For effective weight loss, vitamins and minerals are essential to the body as well.  In addition to replenishing the value of nutrition for the body to receive nutrients from the 5 food groups, it also plays a role in helping various systems of the body to function normally, especially the metabolic system and production of hormones.      

     Meal replacement is a low-calorie, high-protein meal with complete nutritional value from the 5 food groups which is the correct way to meet the principles of correct weight loss, help limit the amount of calories intake each day. Moreover, it is also highly safe, help to lose weight sustainably, not gaining weight back again. People who lose weight in this way, if you follow a strict diet of breakfast and lunch as usual, then replace dinner with meal replacement recipes, you will definitely get the desired shape.    




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