'Whey Protein Isolate', a quality protein for seniors.

'Whey Protein Isolate', a quality protein for seniors.

Whey Protein Isolate. A good quality protein especially made for the elderly.

    In the elderly, their body deteriorate from getting older, their organs inside the body also deteriorate. Maintaining good health care is a priority, and the best nutrient to restore health for the elderly is protein.    

     Protein is one of the five nutrients that is essential to the body. Protein foods can be obtained from both plants and animals. The subunits of protein are amino acids. The body needs protein for growth, therefore, proteins are most important to the body.  This is because the blood, muscles, skin, nails, and all other organs of the body contain protein as an important constituent.

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  Who should take a protein supplement?

  When does the body need extra protein?

  What benefits does the body get from protein?

  Good sources of protein we should choose.

  Greater health benefits of whey protein isolate that the body get over other types of protein.


Who should take a protein supplement?

       All the elderly should be getting protein on a regular basis. Because it has been observed that people at this age are more prone to malnutrition due to various reasons such as anorexia, indigestion, dislike to chew meat, possibly because of teeth problems, etc. But besides the elderly, there are also a number of people who need more protein for the body, namely:

          Patients who are in recovery period or people with chronic diseases or people who has gone through surgery such as the patient who had gone through surgery on various organs of the body, where high amount of protein is needed for repair and recovery. However, during the illness, sometimes patients are unable to eat as much as usual which can slow down the body’s recovery.

       Patients who want to boost immunity especially patients with infectious diseases or diabetes who need a high protein intake to supplement production of both white and red blood cell to keep the body healthy.

When does the body need extra protein?


What benefits does the body get from protein?

         It is the main structure of our body in muscles, tendons, bones, etc.

         It is an important component in red blood cells to deliver food and oxygen to all cells in the body.

       Build growth and repair the worn-out parts of the body.

       It is used for the production of gastric juice, hormones, milk and immune substances for the body.

       It helps maintain the acid and alkaline balance of the body which is important for various reactions in the body.

       It helps maintain water balance in blood vessels, tissues and cells. A lack of protein over a long period of time may cause clear blood or anemia because fluid within blood will be

       It provides energy to the body in case that the body lacks energy from carbohydrate and fats. 1 gram of protein provides approximately 4 kilocalories.

Good sources of protein we should choose.


Greater health benefits of whey protein isolate that the body get over other types of protein.

       It increases an efficiency of immune system for the elderly.

       For those who can eat less or do not eat a variety of foods such as a person with anorexia or indigestion who poses a chance of losing benefits from protein. Whey protein isolate supplementation will help prevent protein deficiency and improve protein absorption into the body

       For those who are sick or have chronic diseases. It will help restore the efficiency and ability of the body in those who are exhausted and help speed up recovery from illness.

       For patients with diseases that require high protein content to help strengthen both white blood cells and red blood cells, such as infectious diseases, diabetes, liver disease, cancer, or AIDS, etc.

          It is a great protein source for muscle building. And it also increases muscle mass and strength without increasing body fat.

It can be seen that protein is one of the essential nutrients and it is very useful for our body. We can get protein into the body from food we eat each meal both from plants and animals. But in order to ensure that the protein taken into the body is of good quality and sufficient for the body's needs, then ‘whey protein isolate’ is the smartest and best choice that we would

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