Get fit and firm, revitalize your charming youthful strength.

Get fit and firm, revitalize your charming youthful strength.

Good shape and personality of a man help increase self-confidence, attract others around, making them want to get to know you or interact with you more. For all men, nature has acquired masculine traits that enhance the personality to attract the opposite sex, such as muscularity, stalwart figure, strength and stamina, strong muscular builds, wider chest and shoulders, deep soft bass voice etc. But how to make these masculine charm last forever?   

   Living is dull without male hormone, testosterone.
         Male hormone is called 'testosterone’, it plays an important role in defining masculinity as well as affecting sexual desire and fertility (a healthy and complete cycle of sperm production). Testosterone is most produced in your early twenties then slowly decreases when getting older. This partial depletion of testosterone is called "PADAM", which stands for Partial Androgen Deficiency of the Aging Male. This consequently causes various symptoms e.g., muscle atrophy, paunchy, thinning hair, loss of libido, decreased sexual desire and sexual dysfunction. The penis may not erect or partly erect but not hard enough for sexual activity, which affect life, job  duties and mental state, which is a lack of self-confidence, depressed, lack of enthusiasm, insomnia, etc.      

   Why does testosterone drop?
         As you get older, your testosterone levels drop slowly and inevitably. Some men do not aware or some people do not admit that they have decreased hormones. Men of the same age have different levels of hormonal decline, depends on the physical condition and health care of each person. With today's fast paced and highly competitive lifestyle, it was found that many factors can affect the production of testosterone, such as stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, overwork without rest, lack of exercise, including malnutrition and lack of certain essential nutrients, etc. 

   Tips...for restoring youthful drive and energy that last long. 
          Do not let yourself get paunchy. Exercise regularly at least 3 times a week.
          Refraining from drinking alcohol and smoking.
           ไม่หักโหมงานหนัก พักความเครียด และนอนหลับพักผ่อนให้เพียงพอ
           Don't overwork, take a break from stress, and get enough sleep. 
           Eat nutritious food, eat all 5 food groups and do not let the body lack of zinc, because it is a mineral that is essential for men’s testosterone production. The body should get 15 milligrams of zinc daily. Foods high in zinc include oysters, seafood, meat, liver, wheat germ, eggs, and pumpkin seeds.
     Nowadays, men are increasingly paying attention to their health by enhancing their masculine charm, getting fit, building muscles to look good, and want to naturally maintain youthful appearance for as long as it may last. 

   A unique nutrient formula that will be the answer; Keep men staying fit and firm.
             ZMA is a specific form of zinc and magnesium which helps the zinc to be better absorbed by the body. Research results from Western Washington University, USA found that taking ZMA with continuous exercise for 8 weeks naturally increased testosterone levels by 43.7% and increased muscle strength by 2.5 times compared with those who did not take ZMA. 
             is an important antioxidant that works together with other antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene, to help slow down cell degeneration, slow down aging, and also enhance the body's immune system.  
         Selenium is a mineral involved in the production of testosterone. It plays a role in enhancing athletic performance by contributing to faster muscle recovery and reduce injuries during exercise.  Normally, the body  should get 70 mg of selenium per day. Selenium can be found in foods such as brewer's yeast, offal, fish, shellfish, unrefined rice, garlic, mushroom, broccoli, onion, tomato, etc. 
            is responsible for transporting small fat molecules into cells to be burned and turn them into energy to power the body. If the body does not get enough L-Carnitine, the energy metabolism is reduced, making you more likely to get paunchy, build up fat accumulation in the blood vessels which consequently cause atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.   
                  The supplementation of L-Carnitine will help the body to break down the accumulated fat and burned them into more energy, thereby helping to control weight and take care of the cardiovascular system. For those who exercise regularly, it will help improve exercise performance, tolerance and capacity, making the muscles look firmer and sharper. It is recommended to take 500-2000 mg per day. Foods high in L-Carnitine is red meat.   
          B complex vitamins:
             help with the body's metabolic processes. It plays an important role in the process of generating energy for muscle cells during exercise, making it possible to exercise longer.       

   Men who should receive specific men nutrients.
           Males who started to experience problems with lower testosterone level such as men of the golden age. Men nutrients will help you feel refreshed and more energetic. 
          Working men who want to build a better body shape and personality, it will help make the muscles fit and firm. 
           Men who exercise regularly, it will help you get stronger muscles and exercise longer without getting tired.

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