And you... will sleep tighter than any night.

And you... will sleep tighter than any night.

Valerian for a natural, restful, restorative sleep.   

     'Insomnia' refers to difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, or waking up in the middle of the night and unable to sleep. Some people may only experience it for a few days, but some people may not be able to sleep continuously for several days in a row or even a month. The cause of insomnia is mostly caused by stress, depression, irregular sleep routines (bedtime procrastination) or caused by physical illness, etc.

    Who may suffer from insomnia?
     Chronic insomnia is common among the elderly due to their physical condition and lower level of neurotransmitters in the elderly. Insomnia is also common among working people aged 30 and over due to work stress and life anxiety.       

     'Insomnia' is a problem in everyday life because it results in reduced productivity, irritability and drowsiness during work. Most people fixed insomnia with sleeping pills, which will require a doctor’s diagnosis before ' receiving medication. But in European and American countries, herbs are widely used to help promote sleep. This herb is 'Valerian Root Extract'.  

 Valerian root extract. 
     'Valerian Root Extract' is a medicinal herb originating in Europe and Asia since 2000 years ago. Valerian root began to be used extensively as an herbal remedy to relief insomnia and anxiety. It is currently accepted for registration as an herbal sleep aid in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the USA and Italy.   

An active ingredient of valerian root that promote sleep.    
There are two major components of active constituents found in valerian root. 
    Monoterpenes-rich volatile oils. 
   Iridoid compounds. These compounds act like benzodiazepines (one of the sleeping pills group) to exert sedative effect by increasing the neurotransmitter of the central nervous system (CNS) that induces sleep and also has an anti-anxiety effect. Therefore, the use of this herb can help solve insomnia and help people who can't sleep due to stress and anxiety. 

    Valerian root and sleep aids. 
     A study in 1996 found that taking 450 mg of valerian root extract daily for 14-28 days in people with insomnia for at least four consecutive weeks could improve the quality of sleep, make it easier to fall asleep without waking up in the middle of the night and significantly reduce sleepiness after waking up. 
     Valerian root extract was also studied with flunitrazepam (a sleeping pill) compared to a placebo. Valerian extract was found to improve sleep quality better than a placebo with significantly fewer side effects compare to the sleeping pill, flunitrazepam. Therefore, taking valerian extract can reduce the problem for those who have difficulty falling sleeping or staying light sleep. Having a restful and restorative sleep will help you wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and able to work at full capacity.

   Using valerian root extract.  
          Valerian root extract is very effective in alleviating mild to moderate insomnia. It is recommended taking 445 mg per day, about half to 1 hour before bedtime, for 2-4 weeks will gradually improve sleep quality.

 Valerian root extract has been used since the 18th century because it is safe with no side effects when used continuously for a long time.
 In case of having to undergo surgery, valerian root extract should be stop 1-2 weeks before surgery by gradually reduced in the amount taken until completely stop. 

    It can be used in children aged 12 years and over. 
    Pregnant women and during breastfeeding should consult a doctor. 
    Do not take while driving or operating machinery. 
    Increasing the dosage did not increase the effectiveness of the drug.  

Tips to help you sleep. 
     Treatment of chronic insomnia must be gradual because treatment results are often not immediately noticeable, but gradually improve. Here are some guidelines: 
    Go to bed when you feel sleepy.     
    Do not spend a lot of time in bed without sleeping as it makes the quality of sleep worse.
    Exercise regularly.
    Avoid certain drugs or chemicals that affect sleep, such as coffee and cigarettes.
    Afternoon naps should not be longer than 1-2 hours and should not nap after 3 pm because it may affect sleep at night.
    In the case of compliance with all above recommendation but the sleep quality has not improved. Using drugs or herbs to help you sleep is another option.

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