Boost immunity for the elderly with vitamin C

Boost immunity for the elderly with vitamin C

        ‘The elderly’ are at the age that has greater risk of illnesses than others. In the midst of panic during COVID-19 pandemic, many of the infected patients around the world are ... elderly. Statistically, older people aged 50 and above are likely to be infected by the virus and are more likely to die compare to other age groups. 

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     The reason why elderly get infected more than other age groups is due to their lower immunity, the function of various organs in the body deteriorates with age, hence the anti-pathogen (immune) system in the body cannot work effectively when foreign matter enters into the body especially elderly with underlying diseases such as diabetes, emphysema, heart attack, malnutrition, enlarged prostate, etc. has more likelihood to get infected exponentially more easily.


3 reasons that explain why the elderly are more likely to get infected.

      Most of the elderly have many common diseases such as diabetes, emphysema, cerebrovascular and heart diseases, malnutrition, hypertension enlarged prostate, etc.

   The degeneration of cells and organs is not as good as in young age, making the functions of various systems ineffective, the body cannot respond to remove foreign bodies.

     The immune system in the body decreases with age.

Vitamin C powder, the best in restoring and boosting immunity for elderly.

     In addition to the need for the elderly to take care of their bodies, eat healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, do adequate exercise and carefully choose an exercise method, the medical community also recommends vitamin C as an essential nutrient for daily consumption.   

     Vitamin c is a vitamin that the body cannot generate on its own, therefore it must be taken orally. Natural foods that are rich in vitamin C can be found in various fruits and vegetables such as orange, guava, lemon, broccoli, kale, papaya, tomato, etc. Therefore, in each meal, it is essential to consume enough vitamin C on a regular basis and in adequate amount as needed.     

     Vitamin C commonly comes in a form of tablets, which may be inconvenient for the elderly. Experts therefore recommend a more convenient alternative, which is Vitamin C Powder that can be mixed with water.       

     Until this moment, there is no cure for COVID-19. It's best to take care of yourself as recommended by your healthcare professional. Taking nutrients like vitamin C can help build their immune system. In addition to vitamin C, elderly need to get adequate protein for their body to fully build their immunity. With care from _Mega We care

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