Ginseng Secrets You Need to Know.

Ginseng Secrets You Need to Know.

 “Ginseng is known as a miracle herb” with properties that are overwhelmingly good for the body.

     Ginseng is a medicinal herb that has been used in Western medicine for healing and nourishment for over 1,000 years. And nowadays people around the world use ginseng to strengthen and balance the body. For the best and internationally recognized ginseng species that have been extensively studied is Korean Ginseng or in a scientific name “Panax ginseng C.A. Mayer” which is a plant that belongs to the taxonomic family Araliaceae.     

         Secrets of important substances in Korean ginseng.  
         Because ginseng contains an important substance, ginsenoside, that plays a role in building strength and balancing of the body through its properties in various fields as follows.

          Because ginseng has great properties that spread word of mouth. It can help the body to relieve fatigue from various daily activities, especially in those who work hard. Eating ginseng will make you feel more energized, more active and more enthusiastic than ever.      

       Enhance body's performance.
          When the body has well-balanced sex hormones, reduced stress, better mental health, it also influence the performance in other parts of the body, including sexual performance which is considered as a good thing for people who are married.

       Strengthen the immune system.
           Another outstanding feature of Korean ginseng that many people do not know is... ginseng can also help boost the immune system because the active ingredients in ginseng will stimulate and balance the immune system. This is confirmed by several studies that people who regularly take ginseng are less likely to get the flu compare to people who don't. It also enhances the effect of vaccines or antibiotics.

       Reduce stress and anxiety.
          For those who are stressed from various matters, whether it's economic poisoning, work, money, or other life problems. It is recommended to try ginseng. Because ginseng stimulates the hormone ACTH, a hormone that is important to the body. It helps to clear the brain, balance the body and also possess an anti-stress effect, thus help to alleviate anxiety. When stress is relieved, it may help you find a solution to the problem you are facing.

       Balance sex hormones
          Ginseng can help balance hormones in both females and males. Phytoestrogens with testosterone-like structures will help balance testosterone, while in women ginseng can help prevent and relieve symptoms of women in the golden age or menopause. With good physical health, clear and fresh mental health, relationship with people around you also tend to be healthy too.

       Slow down cell degeneration.
          Many people may understand that ginseng is only suitable for older people. In fact, ginseng can be taken at any age, especially people who want to take care of their health. Because ginseng has anti-oxidant properties, thereby preventing cell degeneration, enabling various systems within the body to work efficiently.

       Control blood sugar levels.
          In addition to many properties that have been mentioned above. Did you know that ginseng can help stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin better? Thus helping to reduce blood sugar levels, helps to control blood sugar, which is good for people with diabetes, including those who are at risk of diabetes as well.

       Control blood pressure.
          For those who have problems with blood pressure, ginseng is another recommended option by experts. Because it has properties that help control blood pressure within the normal range or return back to natural balance.

       Improve holistic health.
         When the immune system is strengthen, stress is reduced, cell degeneration is slowed down, blood sugar and blood pressure are under control, every part of the body are well-balanced, your overall health will also improve both physical and mental health.     

        Tips for choosing ginseng.
          Although ginseng has properties that are very good for the health and the body, but due to its hot property of medicinal herb (heatiness), some people may experience heaty symptoms after taken. And eating the rhizome of ginseng may not provide superior properties as many people perceived, as it may not contain as many active substances as they should since each piece of ginseng may contain different amount of active substances. Therefore, the principle of choosing ginseng to obtain high quantity of the active substances, it must be chosen from the best species of ginseng that has been properly extracted to get active ingredients, has been through a process to adjust the balance of hot and cold properties to help balance the body naturally or known in Chinese mythology as Yin and Yang principle. And it's even better with a mixture of vitamins and minerals as it helps to reduce fatigue and strengthen the overall body. It can be said that taking 1 could benefit for 2.

        And all these are the good benefits of Korean ginseng and tips for choosing good ginseng that everyone should know for better health, freshness, rejuvenation and a well-balance of every part of the body. With care from MEGA We care.  


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