Eugica Herbal Mouth Spray


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Eugica Herbal Mouth Spray

Pack size : 10 ml.

Ingredients :
Honey, Chamomile extract, Pepermint oil ,Eucalyptol, Propolis, Licorice root extract, Aloe vera leaf powder, Menthol, sucralose, potassium sorbate, citric acid, aroma (orange),Water, Ethyl alcohol, glycerin, sorbitol, PEG-40, castor oil, PEG

Usages :
- Help to sooth mouth and throat
- Reduce bacteria accumulation in your mouth and throat
- For refreshing mouth and throat

Recommended Intakes :
Spray 1-2 puffs 2-3 time daily or as often as required into your mouth or on the back of the throat



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