About MEGA We care


In the past, the company known as “MEGA Life Science Co., Ltd. (Public)” was originally named “Vikas Co., Ltd.” and was established in the year 1982 with an initial registered capital of only 5 million baht. In the same year, the company changed its name to “Medicap Co., Ltd.”

The company initially started its business by manufacturing soft gelatin capsules for packaging powdered medicines and dietary supplements. It was the first company in Thailand to produce this type of capsule.

Subsequently, the company began to contract manufacture pharmaceutical products for external pharmaceutical companies. Twelve years later, in 1994 (2537 in the Thai calendar), the company shifted its focus to producing and distributing health products under the brand name “MEGA We care.” The company also changed its name to “MEGA Life Science Co., Ltd.” in 2005 (2548 in the Thai calendar).

Over time, the company experienced significant growth and eventually became listed on the stock exchange in 2013 (2556 in the Thai calendar).

In the present day, apart from its distribution within Thailand through pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics, MEGA We care has gained trust and popularity as a leading provider of health and wellness products. The company’s products are also exported to over 50 countries worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, and various other countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.