About MEGA We Care


MEGA We care is dedicated to your well-being, striving for your optimal health. MEGA We care for Your Wellness.

“Mega Life Science Public Co., Ltd. is the market leader in Thailand’s health nourishment products, offering high-quality and premium-standard products to address a wide range of health concerns. Our vision is firmly rooted in promoting good health, longevity, and illness prevention for all individuals.

Our company’s intentions are conveyed through various initiatives with clear objectives. For instance, the establishment of the Wellness We Care Center in Muak Lek District, Saraburi Province, serves as a central hub for knowledge dissemination and skill development in self-preventative health measures and disease management. Most importantly, our focus lies in maintaining the quality and standards of our products, delivering the best in healthcare for consumers.

1. Global Quality Standards

Our company operates its own manufacturing facilities both domestically and internationally, holding the distinction of being the first and only self-owned pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Thailand. We adhere to internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), attested by two renowned institutions: TGA from Australia and BfArM from Germany, representing the highest European standards in medicine, vitamins, herbal supplements, and dietary products. This assurance ensures that all our products contain essential nutrients as specified on the labels, confirming utmost safety.

2. Advanced Technology and Innovation

From the past to the present, our company continuously strives for the pinnacle of innovation and technology development, utilizing scientific knowledge to achieve exceptional results. We differentiate ourselves from other companies by producing medicines and dietary supplements in unique formats. For instance, the product Gofen is presented in a Clear Cap form, allowing faster efficacy. Innovations also extend to Glucomel and Immuplex, high-quality protein products with special formulations, as well as Alerten in the Bioemulcap format, which enhances molecular absorption for better efficacy. Our Solvent-Free technology represents advanced soft capsule manufacturing, reducing the need for solvents and ensuring consumer safety by avoiding residue and contamination.

With our modern and safe No Added Preservatives technology, we control every step of production, ensuring that our soft capsules are free from preservatives, offering consumers confidence and safety.

In conclusion, all products from our manufacturing facilities uphold the promise of not containing added preservatives, providing peace of mind and security to consumers.”