Wellness We care center

The Wellness We care Center emerged from the intentions of Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp, a former cardiovascular surgeon, and Mr. Vivek Dhawan, Chairman of Mega V-Care. Both share a common vision to see every Thai individual in good health and aspire for this center to serve as a hub for knowledge dissemination and skill development in various aspects related to self-preventative health measures and disease reversal. This center is designed for the general public, emphasizing the significance of adopting a natural plant-based diet as a core principle (Plant-Based Whole Food), changing mindsets, engaging in physical activities, and seeking inner healing to establish life balance.

Located on a vast area spanning over 7 acres in Muak Lek Wildlife Sanctuary, Saraburi Province, this center is enveloped by hills, teak trees, and natural beauty. This region is acknowledged for having some of the best air quality in Thailand. Within the center, experts are present to provide guidance and advice to health enthusiasts who participate in various training courses related to the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases (NCDs). These courses encompass personal initiatives to transform lifestyles, adopt a Plant-Based Whole Food approach to nutrition, engage in physical exercises, and practice mindfulness and mental wellness.